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359music announced first 6 artists


アラン・マッギー(Alan McGee)がCreation、Poptonesを経て新たにCherry red傘下に立ち上げた新レーベル359music。第1弾アーティストが発表されています。359musicはCreationではない。若手からベテランまで幅広く良質なアーティストを発掘していきたいとのこと。


Alan McGee launched new label on Cherry red and announce 1st 6 artists. 359 isn’t Creation. His aim is be a launch pad for new and/or ignored talent.

At first read this article. 


First Six Artists

John Lennon McCullagh  A 15year old boy who loves Bob Dylan.

Pete MacLeod  Scottish singer/songwriter.

Chris Grant  About his former band(Guardian article by Alan Mcgee)

Mineral  French electronic band. MV is HERE.

Gun Club Cemetery  New band of Hurricane #1′s Alex Lowe

Tess Parks   A Canadian photographer  who’s modelled in Dazed And Confused.



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