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CRUNCH / Mexico Culture Radio interview


9分50秒頃から初公開のSayoko-daisy REMIXが流れます。

On Air list
1.UTAKATA(Sayoko-daisy REMIX)
2.Mori no Naka
3.Snow Light
4.Simple Mind

  Kinoko power from mexico city cluture radio did interview the Japanese indie band CRUNCH.Please listen their interview program. Click player button on this page.

   In interview They talked about  RadioheadNew orderHaruomi Hosono( Happy End/ YMO ),  Ryuichi Sakamoto (YMO), Shintaro Sakamoto(ex.Yura Yura Teikoku) , Ogre you assholeMatuishi Geru. and CRUNCH's friend artists ; white white sisters,  FU-MU,  Sayoko-daisy.

  They Kinoko power personality said that CRUNCH's sound is warm and gentle. and CRUNCH saved guitar sound just played.  They held Japanese rock fes twice in a year. When do you come to Mexico?
  CRUNCH said hello, nice to meet you in Spanish. and end of interview, They said Sayonara!   Greetings is very important, paticulary, when we were stranger.



   Solo Bed room artist Sayoko-daisy( From Tsu, Mie )
   From Tsu, Mie. You know Pop-office,They are basicaly newgazer. but Sayoko Loves Techno Pops like YMO, and Happy End, Haruomi Hosono. Some music writer highly Praise her Indie CD. Particularly, Mona records Tatuya Yuki and Music journalist Ryohei Matunaga.  Ryohei Matunaga is working with Haruomi Hosono(YMO) to make great compilation CD Raymond Scott Songbook. Tatuya Yuki was Chairperson of CD shop Grand prix and member of RouRouRouRous Dreamy Girl's Pop unit in Tokyo. RouRouRouRous and Sayoko played together in Nara city at 24th March 2013.


  by Toyokazu Mori (森豊和) mail


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