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Music Alliance Pact / CRUNCH



Music Alliance Pact is blogs from more than 40 countries share a fantastic track from an artist in their nation.  Include Guardian UKHERE is April 2013. You can see photo & Listen CRUNCH / Mori no Naka.(Radiohead inspired song)

I made Japanese act list below. Usually, It showcase musician around Twee Grrrls club. or writer's acquaintance.  for example, Hotel Mexico, Moscow Club, Miila And The Geeks, Wallflower,and so on.....sometimes, foreigner act (not Japanese) is listed.

but CRUNCH is unrelated and anonymous. (they are Japanese female rock 3 piece) and chosen time,They posted only 2 songs on soundcloud.  It amazing!



2013年4月は日本からCRUNCHの「森の中」が選出されています。以下に日本代表リストを作りましたが、ほとんどが選者の知り合いかtwee grrrls club周辺の人材です(もちろんすばらしいのですが)。その中で全く無名で関わりもなく、その時点でsoundcloudに2曲挙げただけのCRUNCHが選ばれたのは快挙です。


Aug. Moscow Club
Sep. Miila And The Geeks
Oct. Canopies And Drapes

Nov. Avec Avec
Dec. Love And Hates(HNC and Miila And The Geeks)

Jan. Praha Depart
Feb. Cloudy Busey
Mar. Occult You(Taquwami )
Apr.  MFP
May. Wallflower
Jun.  LLL
Jul.  Cuushe
Aug. Greeen Linez
Sep. Fancy Books
Oct.  mus.hiba

Nov. For Tracy Hyde
Dec. HNC

Jan. OKLobby
Feb. Hotel Mexico
Mar. Buddy Girl And Mechanic


CRUNCH are female 3 piece rock band in Nagoya Japan. Member are Noriyo Hotta (guitar, vocal),Rena Kawagoe (Base, vocal), and Yoshiko Ginno (drums)

They take their influences from Radiohead, New Order, Happy End,

In April 2013, their song ‘Mori no Naka’ is listed for Music Alliance Pact( The Guardian& 36 countries music site together).

In June 2013, Codigo DF(Mexico city culture radio station)often broadcast their song and planed special interview program.

They say that they will release 1st LP next year .



  by Toyokazu Mori (森豊和) mail

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