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Women's cover of Hosono songs

Heavenly music by Haruomi Hosono will release 22th May in Japan.

and some cover song here. Beautiful and Cool female voice.

細野晴臣さんの新作「Heavenly Music(HMV Interview)」がもうすぐ発売されますね。



CRUNCH  /  Natsu Nandesu(夏なんです)


Sayoko-daisy  /  Oh Mistake

from Radio Program  「細野晴臣作曲講座(How to make songs by Haruomi Hosono 」(1984/1)  

Sayoko explains HERE. (説明はこちら) 

More song Fuyugoe(from Hosono House)



and Van Dyke Parks New album 「Song Cycled」 streaming HERE.(Guardian UK)




  by Toyokazu Mori (森豊和) mail

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